Agate is composed mainly of Chalcedony and microcrystalline Quartz. The wide range of color variety and patterns afford it individual names like Botswana Agate, Moss Agate and Sardonyx. Most are banded, alternating bands of opaque and translucent. Most agates occur in cavities in eruptive rocks or ancient lavas and is found in abundance throughout the world.

This stone will stimulate your mind and emphasize all your wonderful traits. It will encourage you to make use of your talents and gifts to change your life for the better.

Agate will also make sure that positive energies flow through you non-stop while keeping you energized and empowered.

 Agates will curb your desire to accomplish many things all at once, even the things that you don’t need to do. It will help you better manage your time so that you will not feel overwhelmed.


Where it is found: U.S., Bostwana, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Australia, Argentina, Uruguay, Poland.

Hardness: 7 

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