Fossil Coral

Fossil coral is also known as agatized coral or agatized fossil coral. It is a form of quartz and this makes it pretty durable compared to other gemstones and is very suitable for use in jewelry. Fossils are rocks that contain the preserved remains, or traces of remains of ancient animals, plants or insects. The fossils are formed when these biological matter are replaced by opal, chalcedony or other minerals over a very long period of time. Dinosaur bones, fossil corals like Petoskey stone, stromatolite and petrified wood are some examples of different types of fossil. 

To be clear, fossil coral is not precious coral or protected endangered reef coral rather it is a prehistoric coral, made up of skeletons of marine animals that have been fossilized, preserved and replaced with agate over time and are considered as natural gemstones. The process for this fossilization can take up to more than 20 million years. These marine skeletons are made of aragonite which is a form of calcium carbonate, also known as coral.

Fossil corals usually exhibit pretty, lace-like coral patterns that appear in flower shapes. They have a soft, smooth waxy luster and come in different natural colors ranging from white, pink, brown, gray, black, yellow and red. Depending on the mineral content, oxidization and weathering of the fossil coral, colors could vary widely within a single stone.

Fossil coral is believed to possess the the wonderful properties of coral combined with agate. This age-old gemstone is highly cherished for its sacred healing powers. Since ancient times, people often wore them as protective amulets because they believed that the blood of the ancient creatures in the fossil coral had the ability to ward off evil spirits and prevent the wearer from being influenced by evil energy. It is also said to be full of marine energy and it is a long held belief that ocean energy is full of life force, so sailors consider it as a good luck charm of the ocean.
This gemstone triggers the heart chakra and is claimed to fill the heart with love, strengthen family ties and helps maintain long lasting relationships. This charming stone is also able to balance emotions and stabilize one's mind and this enables the wearer to make calm judgements and reduce daily stress. It expels negative, pessimistic emotions and encourages one to have a more positive outlook in life and creates inner peace. Health claims include its ability to treat menstrual cramps, improve eyesight, enhance kidney, gall bladder and liver health.
In terms of pricing, the value of this gemstone is determined by the color and pattern. Fossil coral is considered a reasonably priced gemstone and can be usually found in large carat weights. The price per carat for a beautiful specimen can range from $1 to $2 per carat.
Where it comes from: Indonesia, the USA (Florida, Georgia)
Hardness: 6.5 - 7 Mohs



Care: Clean with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Rinse well. Avoid prolonged exposure to heat as heat may alter the color of the gemstone. Avoid using harsh household chemicals like bleach, sulfuric acid to clean fossil coral.

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