The Garnet family is one of the most exciting families in the gem world. Garnets are a group of silicate minerals that have been used since the Bronze Age as gemstones and abrasives. It is available in a variety of colors, from deep red to orange-browh, red-purple, violet and pink. The rare green garnet (Tsavorite) is apparently one of the most beautiful gems; clearer, more brilliant and durable compared to a emerald. 

It was known as the warrior’s stone, as soldiers from the world over wore or carried this gem as a talisman against death and injury.  But it was also said to bring victory, peace and tranquility, as well as healing injuries by stopping the flow of blood. 

Garnet is a stone of truth, purity, love and compassion, it was also known to promote sincerity, cure anger and discord.

It is said to be a protective stone shielding one from would be thieves, whether that theft be one’s possessions, financials, ideas, or even credit for

Where it is found: Brazil, Russia, USA, Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.

 Hardness: 6.5 - 7.5

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