Peridot a.k.a. Olivine or “evening emeralds” as the Romans called this exquisite transparent green gem is associated with light and protection. It is a symbol of abundance and prosperity. It was considered to aid friendship and believed to remove envious thoughts. 


Hari-hari Peridot Studs

Pairing peridot with amethyst is claimed to work like a charm to aid health problems associated with aging as peridot is also used for cellular rejuvenation. Pairing peridot with other golden stones such as golden rutilated quartz/citrine is a powerful combination to attract money and all desired things.

Where it is found: U.S., Mexico, Myanmar, Norway, Pakistan, Russia and Sri Lanka.

Hardness: 6.5 - 7 

Note: Though it is moderately hard, peridot jewelry must be worn with care as it can chip and scratch easily.

Minimalist Peridot Stacker Ring

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