Time To Glam Up With Those Earrings Again! 5 Different Earrings To Pair Up With Your Face Mask

Face masks have now become a somewhat permanent safety feature in our lives, so today I’m going to talk about the lovely combo of wearing earrings together with face masks. After all, I truly believe that we do not have to restrict our fashion choices just because the pandemic has brought about certain restrictions and changes into our daily lives.

Let's start off by looking at 2 different ways we can wear our earrings with our face masks and then, I have also selected some of the more daring, unique and stylish ones that can be easily paired with our face masks.

These 2 photos below show the difference of wearing the earrings over the mask straps and under the mask straps.

     Photo A                                               Photo B
     Over the mask strap                           Under the mask strap


Depending on the type of earrings, you can choose to wear your earrings like the way displayed in Photo A and this is typically the way most of us would wear our earrings when wearing our face masks, right?

However, to be able to remove our face masks faster and more efficiently, we can also wear our earrings the way it is worn in photo B. Wearing them this way limits the chances of the mask snagging on our earrings when we are in a rush or just, well, rough like me. According to my lovely model of the day, Jessie (founder of Jessie's Trinket Trove) wearing it the way shown in photo B, is just as comfortable as wearing it the way shown in Photo A.

Of course, there isn't a right or wrong way to wear our earrings with our mask. At the end of the day, it just boils down to personal choices and preferences.

Here are my favourite 5 earrings to pair with our masks.

1.  The Dangling Chandelier Earrings with Ear-Hooks

Seeing as it's a brave new world and all, what with living hand in hand with Covid-19, I’m going to start off with the boldest, “baddest” and most flamboyant earrings of all – The Dangling Chandelier Earrings with Ear-hooks (yeap…it is a mouthful). I bet you thought I was going to start of with the classic studs didn't you? But, NO. Let's be badass and fierce in the face of Covid-19 and show off some personality. 

Now I know it’s not the first type of earrings that come to mind when pairing with our face masks but believe me, it just works. Here, Jessie shows off exactly how it’s done. 


So, Jessie wears these beautiful Glam Jocelyn Earrings under the mask straps. This makes it fast, convenient and yet still comfortable when putting on the face mask as well as saving time and effort when removing the mask. This way, you really don't have to worry about the mask straps snagging on any part of the earrings. I think these earrings bring life and fire to our everyday look.

2.  Post Earrings 

If you're an edgy person, you may want to try out these Post Earrings. It gives off a rather unique and unconventional look thanks to its "modern meets traditional" design.


Inspired by her traditional Baba Nyonya culture, Jessie has managed come up with these unique, one-of-a-kind designs to make your heart (or maybe earlobes) sing. As you can see, posts will have to be worn over the mask straps to truly showcase their beauty and pattern. However, because each post earring is usually made up of a single piece, the face mask can be worn and removed with minimal effort and fuss.

 3.  Huggies

Now I don't know about you but I just love me some Huggies. These can hug my earlobes any day, anytime and you wont be hearing any complaints from me.


Being somewhat of a minimalist when it comes down to my preferences in jewelry, these beauties give off a classic, chic and effortless look and pairs well with our face mask thanks to the lack of sharp edges making it less likely to snag. As shown in the photos, they can be worn either way (inside or under the mask straps) and remain noticeably beautiful!

 4.  Threaders

Threaders give a delicate, modern yet elegant look to the wearer and can most certainly make a lovely pairing with your face mask.


As illustrated by Jessie in the photos above, it can be worn over or under your mask straps and no beauty is lost. Thanks to its sleek and stylish design, the mask can be removed quite smoothly without fears of snagging.

 5.  Spiral Earrings

And last but certainly not least, are the super cute, minimalist Spiral Earrings. They may be tiny but still pack a lot of heat! Fashion wise of course.

This little cutesy adds a twist to the traditional stud earrings and as shown in the picture above, can be easily worn together with a face mask with minimal fuss. Interestingly, these do not require push backs (friction backs) to secure the earrings to your ears unlike the more traditional studs. Truly adorable!

So, I finally come to this question - Why bother putting on jewelry at times like this when our faces are covered with a mask anyway?  Like, who would even care? I say, let's do it for ourselves.

Besides enhancing our looks and showcasing our personality, jewelry does contribute to our health as well. For instance, gold is said to be able to help with wound healing and reducing stress while silver is said to be excellent in controlling body temperature and helps to protect the body against radiation.

Other jewelry materials such as precious or semi-precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, pearls, aquamarine and many others others can have tremendous benefits to our health as well.

There is also something to be said about how a beautiful, stunning piece of jewelry can really uplift our spirits and give us that boost of self-confidence that is much needed at times like this. So let's uplift our spirits, put on some earrings and get out there. I mean after all, life must go on and fashion will live on, right?

So tell us your experience while wearing earrings with masks, the good, the bad and the ugly, we'd love to hear all about it. Got another styling tip that you thought of? Let us know in the comments below! 

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