TLC - How to take care of your accessories and fine jewelry

JTT accessories and fine jewelry are made with quality material and meant to be long-lasting, having said that... each piece must also be handled with some level of care.

Care depends on the metal used whether its base metal copper, bronze or brass or precious metal like silver and gold. Also, extra care needs to be taken when it involves pieces with gemstones and crystals. It isn’t as much of a headache as it sounds, but just knowing some basic info, will help to relief that anxiety of cleaning them and ensuring they are not damaged in the process and will last a lifetime (or more)!

Read on to find out…

Accessories using jewelry grade copper, bronze or brass can be polished with the appropriate metal cleaners to regain its original sheen once aged (or you can leave it that way for a vintage look).

For tarnish-resistant material which has a protective coating on its surface, use a microfiber cloth / towel to wipe it clean. Only use water and soap when absolutely necessary and immediately wipe dry, as doing so can damage the coating.

For accessories where stainless steel is used, would be considered the easiest to care for as it wouldn’t tarnish. However, prolonged exposure to liquid can actually cause it to rust. So make sure to keep it dry.

For JTT’s fine jewelry range where sterling silver and pure (fine) silver are used, it will oxidise over time which is completed normal and gives it a vintage feel. However, if you want it shiny again, you may use silver polish, toothpaste or dry rub with talcum powder using soft bristle toothbrush to bring back its original sheen. However, it isn’t recommended to used silver polish solutions for jewelry with soft stones like opal, turquoise and malachite. If in doubt, don’t use it as there are many other ways to clean tarnish off silver that will not damage the stone!

Do remember to keep away from moisturizers, perfumes, water, acidic paper and prolonged sunlight.

It is recommended to use your pieces last in your daily dress up routine, and the first to remove when undressing at the end of the day. Keep your jewelry on a surface or in a dedicate space that will not have the pieces getting lost, tangled with one another and scratched (the metal and stone can be damaged if it’s just chucked haphazardly). I hang my frequently used earrings, bracelets and necklaces on jewelry trees that I made, and the rest are kept in ziplock baggies in a dedicated box.

With a bit of organizing and appreciation for each handmade piece, you will enjoy your accessories and jewelry for a long, long time. And who knows, one day it will be passed to the next generation…

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