About Us

I use various types of materials and styles in my designs. I pride myself in quality finishing to ensure you are able to use your accessories for a long time. Each design has limited stocks as they are all handmade with lots of passion and patience! And because they're all handmade, the design element as well as in the semiprecious stone textures won't be 100% identical. If you want identical, you gotta get the mass produced ones...

Jessie's Trinket Trove customers are versatile and ever changing, not committing to one style but willing to explore different options, because life's too short to stick to just one. She may not want to follow fashion trends, but would rather set her own and be unique. She's always looking for individual pieces that help her be herself. 

I take custom and bulk orders, please reach out to me at contact@jessiestrinkettrove.com