Metalsmith & Jeweler's Bench Time-Pass 12 months
Metalsmith & Jeweler's Bench Time-Pass 12 months

Metalsmith & Jeweler's Bench Time-Pass 12 months

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This time-pass entitles you to a total of 144 amazing hours to be utilized within 12 month to create you masterpieces in an awesome studio.

Designed for experienced metalsmith / jewelers / newbies who have completed at least Project 1 Workshop to use the jewelry bench and studio tools excluding *consumables.

Expiration of time-pass will be 12 months from date of purchase. Any unutilized hours will be forfeited, no carrying forward will be allowed.

So if you are a complete beginner, please check out our Project 1 Workshop to start your experience! Another option you have for classes (only available online) is joining the Metalsmith Academy by Lucy Walker Jewellery. As a member and affiliate of this academy, I can vouch how kick-ass it is! You can rewatch Lucy's tutorials countless times and use the bench in My Artisan Hub for practice especially if you're just beginning your metalsmith journey.

*consumables are tools and materials that need consistent replenishment e.g. sandpaper, drill bits, burs, saw blades, metal, etc. You will need your own stock.

Location of My Artisan Hub:

H-2-2 Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas, 50480 K.L. adjacent to Hartamas Shopping Center.

My Artisan Hub unit is accessible via stairs located between Tray Cafe and Pin Chuan Kopitiam.

Ample paid parking is available in the basement floors of Hartamas Shopping Center, pillar J20, H20 or nearby for faster access to My Artisan Hub.


*note: the customer rewards point program is not applicable for all purchases made under the category of My Artisan Hub activities. Any points awarded is automatically generated due to system default but will be manually removed within 24 hours. Sorry!