Skinny Black Spinel Bracelet - 3mm
Skinny Black Spinel Bracelet - 3mm
Skinny Black Spinel Bracelet - 3mm

Skinny Black Spinel Bracelet - 3mm

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Perfect to be worn on it's own or stacked with others. I use non-elastic flexible wire to string the stones (this is good quality material constructed of micro-spun, marine-quality, stainless steel wire woven together and coated with nylon) for durability and is finished with a lobster clasp.

Metal used in this design is made of Stainless Steel.


A stone of renewal, Spinel is a wonderful energy generator that leaves us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  Black Spinel is also a protective stone that repels negativity and grounds the user while evoking inspiration and empowerment, without overwhelming others.

It is also thought to help one find calmness and let go of resentments to re-establish relationships and dispel sadness. It is known as a crystal that helps tremendously in standing your ground while giving courage and promotes a confident attitude towards life.

Black Spinel reduces stress as well as fears and facilitates changes or new life situations.

Additional info: 

It is said to solve all the root causes of physical, emotional and spiritual imbalance while manifesting your innate abilities which were hidden from certain reasons. Black Spinel brings about limitless opportunities. If you want to accomplish your dreams or feel you have been treated unfairly, wearing it will clear negative energies.

If you are experiencing excessive negative emotions like anger or sadness, Black Spinel is said to help balance out your emotions like joy and fun as it can change back the dark negative state to the original positive state. Try wearing Black Spinel to alleviate your stress accumulated in daily life.


Use a flexible measuring tape right below your wrist bone where you plan to use your JTT bracelet. If you don’t have a measuring tape, use a string, ribbon or strip of paper and wrap it once around your wrist (then measure that will a ruler). Do not add additional length to it, we will adjust it to fit you perfectly from our end.

Natural stones and colors / defects

Natural stones are nature’s most beautiful treasures. Some appear exquisite and magical while some may not be externally dazzling but contain healing or restorative properties.

A perfect crystal however, does not exist. All crystals will have some defect or irregularity and one of the ways you can distinguish a synthetic gem from the natural kind is that the synthetic is too perfect.

Remember.. these flaws and irregularities are the attributes that add to the uniqueness and wonder of each stone.

Product Image and Color

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Because each piece is manually handmade, there may be a slight difference in the pieces which is what will make it uniquely yours.


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