Spiral Pendulum Pendant  - Onyx and Malachite

Spiral Pendulum Pendant - Onyx and Malachite

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They're pretty to look at and lovely to own... Use these unique Pendulums as pendants or for dowsing. Since ancient times, crystal folks have been using them to find lost items or to used as a guide towards reaching decisions. A bit woo woo you might think, but no, a pendulum is not moved by magic or some spirit,  it is movement reacting to very small nerves in your fingers that are generated by your subconscious mind in relation to a question posed.


Pendant measures approx 50mm (please allow 1 - 2 mm allowance as each pendant will have slightly different sized stones) 

Includes a long lasting 18" rose gold plated chain. Metal wrapped around stone is raw bronze. It will age beautifully but can be easily polished to it's original bright shine. 


Pendants are made with combination of different semi-precious stones. All natural stones will have inclusions and different color stones that are different per piece, no 2 are alike. These are normal factors and are not considered a defect in any way.